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Detroit, Michigan


Based on observations made 2005 – 2017

Leonard Weber




AllSeason – can be found in any month of the year

Migrant – only likely to be seen for a brief period of time in Spring and/or Fall

Summer – present during the breeding season (Spring through early Fall)

Winter – normally present only during the winter months (December to March)


RELATIVE ABUNDANCE (in indicated season)


Common – usually present and frequently seen

Uncommon – present every year but not in large numbers or frequently seen

Occasional – not seen every year

Fly Over – only seen flying over the park occasionally



___Double-crested Cormorant  Summer/Fly Over

___Great-blue Heron                            Summer/Uncommon

___Great Egret                         Summer/Fly Over

___Green Heron                                   Migrant/Occasional

___Black-crowned Night Heron           Summer/Fly Over

___Sandhill Crane                               Migrant/Fly Over

___Mute Swan                         AllSeason/Fly Over

___Tundra Swan                                  Migrant/Fly Over

___Canada Goose                                AllSeason/Common

___Wood Duck                                   Summer/Uncommon

___Mallard                                          AllSeason/Common

___Blue-winged Teal                         Migrant/Occasional

___Hooded Merganser             Migrant/Occasional

___Common Merganser                       Migrant/Occasional

___Turkey Vulture                               Summer/Common

___Northern Harrier                              Migrant/Fly Over

___Sharp-shinned Hawk                      AllSeason/Occasional

___Cooper’s Hawk                              AllSeason/Occasional

___Broad-winged Hawk                      Migrant/Fly Over

___Red-tailed Hawk                            AllSeason/Common

___Red-shouldered Hawk                    AllSeason/Occasional

___American Kestrel                            Migrant/Occasional

___Merlin                                            Winter/Occasional

___Ring-necked Pheasant                    AllSeason/Occasional

___Wild Turkey                                  AllSeason/Occasional

___Killdeer                                          Summer/Common

___Spotted Sandpiper                          Summer/Uncommon

___Solitary Sandpiper                          Migrant/Occasional

___American Woodcock                     Summer/Occasional

___Ring-billed Gull                             AllSeason/Uncommon

___Rock Pigeon                                  AllSeason/Uncommon

___Mourning Dove                             AllSeason/Common

___Black-billed Cuckoo                      Summer/Occasional

___Yellow-billed Cuckoo                    Summer/Occasional

___Great Horned Owl                          AllSeason/Occasional

___Common Nighthawk                     Migrant/Uncommon

___Chimney Swift                               Summer/Common

___Ruby-throated Hummingbird         Summer/Common

___Belted Kingfisher                           Summer/Uncommon

___Red-bellied Woodpecker                AllSeason/Common

___Red-headed Woodpecker               Summer/Occasional

___Yellow-bellied Sapsucker               Migrant/Uncommon

___Downy Woodpecker                      AllSeason/Common

___Hairy Woodpecker             AllSeason/Uncommon

___Northern Flicker                             Summer/Common

___Eastern Wood-Pewee                      Summer/Common

___Yellow-bellied flycatcher                Migrant/Occasional

___Willow Flycatcher                          Migrant/Uncommon

___Least Flycatcher                             Summer/Uncommon

___Eastern Phoebe                               Summer/Uncommon

___Great Crested Flycatcher                 Summer/Uncommon

___Olive-sided Flycatcher                    Migrant/Occasional

___Eastern Kingbird                            Summer/Common

___Purple Martin                                 Summer/Occasional

___Tree Swallow                                 Summer/Uncommon

___N. Rough-winged Swallow Summer/Common

___Cliff Swallow                                 Summer/Uncommon

___Barn Swallow                                 Summer/Common

___Blue Jay                                         AllSeason/Common

___American Crow                              AllSeason/Common

___Black-capped Chickadee                AllSeason/Common

___Tufted Titmouse                             AllSeason/Uncommon

___Red-breasted Nuthatch                   Winter/Occasional

___White-breasted Nuthatch                AllSeason/Common

___Brown Creeper                               Winter/Uncommon

___Carolina Wren                                AllSeason/Uncommon

___House Wren                                   Summer/Common

___Winter Wren                                  Migrant/Occasional

___Golden-crowned Kinglet                Migrant/Common

___Ruby-crowned Kinglet                   Migrant/Common

___Blue-gray Gnatcatcher                    Summer/Common

___Eastern Bluebird                             Summer/Uncommon

___Veery                                             Migrant/Uncommon

___Gray-cheeked Thrush                     Migrant/Uncommon

___Swainson’s Thrush             Migrant/Uncommon

___Hermit Thrush                                Migrant/Common

___Wood Thrush                                 Summer/Occasional

___American Robin                             AllSeason/Common

___Gray Catbird                                  Summer/Common

___Brown Thrasher                              Summer/Occasional

___Cedar Waxwing                             AllSeason/Uncommon

___Northern Shrike                              Winter/Occasional

___European Starling                           AllSeason/Common

___Blue-headed Vireo                       Migrant/Uncommon

___Yellow-throated Vireo                    Migrant/Occasional

___Warbling Vireo                              Summer/Common

___Philadelphia Vireo                      Migrant/Uncommon

___Red-eyed Vireo                              Summer/Uncommon

___Golden-winged Warbler                 Migrant/Occasional

___Blue-winged Warbler                     Migrant/Occasional

___Tennessee Warbler                        Migrant/Occasional

___Orange-crowned Warbler                Migrant/Uncommon

___Nashville Warbler                           Migrant/Common

___Northern Parula                              Migrant/Occasional

___Yellow Warbler                              Summer/Common

___Chestnut-sided Warbler                  Migrant/Uncommon

___Magnolia Warbler                          Migrant/Uncommon

___Cape May Warbler             Migrant/Occasional

___Black-throated Blue Warbler          Migrant/Occasional

___Yellow-rumped Warbler                 Migrant/Common

___Black-throated Green Warbler         Migrant/Uncommon

___Blackburnian Warbler                    Migrant/Uncommon

___Pine Warbler                                  Migrant/Occasional

___Palm Warbler                                 Migrant/Common

___Bay-breasted Warbler                     Migrant/Occasional

___Blackpoll Warbler                          Migrant/Uncommon

___Black-and-white Warbler                Migrant/Uncommon

___American Redstart                       Migrant/Common

___Ovenbird                                        Migrant/Occasional

___Northern Waterthrush                     Migrant/Occasional

___Mourning Warbler                       Migrant/Occasional

___Common Yellowthroat                   Migrant/Common

___Wilson’s Warbler                            Migrant/Uncommon

___Canada Warbler                             Migrant/Occasional

___Yellow-breasted Chat                     Migrant/Occasional

___Summer Tanager                            Migrant/Occasional

___Scarlet Tanager                               Migrant/Occasional

___Northern Cardinal                           AllSeason/Common

___Rose-breasted Grosbeak                  Summer/Common

___Indigo Bunting                               Summer/Uncommon

___Eastern Towhee                              Migrant/Occasional

___American Tree Sparrow                  Winter/Uncommon

___Chipping Sparrow                          Summer/Common

___Field Sparrow                                 Migrant/Occasional

___Savannah Sparrow                        Summer/Occasional

___Fox Sparrow                                   Migrant/Uncommon

___Song Sparrow                                 Summer/Common

___Lincoln Sparrow                             Migrant/Occasional

___Swamp Sparrow                             Migrant/Uncommon

___White-throated Sparrow                  Migrant/Common

___White-crowned Sparrow                 Migrant/Common

___Vesper Sparrow                              Migrant/Occasional

___Dark-eyed Junco                            Winter/Common

___Red-winged Blackbird                   Summer/Common

___Eastern Meadowlark                       Migrant/Occasional

___Rusty Blackbird                             Migrant/Occasional

___Common Grackle                           Summer/Common

___Brown-headed Cowbird                 Summer/Common

___Orchard Oriole                                Summer/Uncommon

___Baltimore Oriole                             Summer/Common

___Purple Finch                                   Migrant/Uncommon

___House Finch                                   AllSeason/Uncommon

___American Goldfinch                       AllSeason/Common

___House Sparrow                               AllSeason/Uncommon